@TheBlockBot Into The Sunset …

There were plans to rebirth the block bot, but those have not been successful. So this is more a retirement notice than a birthing announcement, from @oolon the techie –

The plan – @TheBlockBot has really been superseded by blocktogether.org and Twitter being a bit better at suspending people / giving filtering options to users of the service. However there is something unique about @TheBlockBot, it is multiple named people feeding into a block list. So while I will disable the sign up function and not maintain @TheBlockBot, it is intended that it can continue by using blocktogether.org as its blocking engine. There are already three account, BBlevels12and3BBlevels1and2 and BBlevel1 that are subbed to their respective Block Bot levels. Subscribing to the blocktogether links on those accounts will let anyone new get all the people added to the lists over the last 5 years! I will host a page at TheBlockBot.com/sign_up directing people to use that facility and end @TheBlockBot as it currently stands…

But…. What about new additions?

Well, the code is all open sourced, so anyone is able to run a cron script regularly, the two scripts that need to be ran are “get_blocks.php” and “blockem.php”. The latter with the API keys to create and destroy blocks on the three blocktogether subscribed accounts. Someone who wishes to remain anonymous has agreed to run these. All subscribers applications keys will be deleted when this transfer occurs, I won’t be sharing access to your accounts! But don’t worry it won’t happen any time soon, but there is no harm in disabling the block bot application and signing up to the relevant blocktogether list instead. The block bot will continue to work as normal but using blocktogether as the blocking engine.

Admins and Blockers – at the moment @Qiro_has agreed to be admin and it will be up to them to add new admins and blockers as before …

It’s been a ride, and I think we played a small part in forcing Twitter to implement better anti-harassment policies and tools. Being the first shared block list means we’ve had fun, we’ve had green ink lawsuits, and we’ve finally some to an end …

So long and thanks for all the blocks!

James Billingham / @oolon

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